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Case studies

No two cases we handle are the same – we’re all individuals and the same condition can affect us differently depending on many varying factors.

The case studies featured here detail the specific treatments we have used for people suffering from a range of neurological conditions, and they’ll help you gain insight into how The Rehab Physio’s treatments are applied. But bear in mind that our approaches are each tailored to the individual client, to allow us to maximise therapy effectiveness and provide the best possible outcomes in each case…

Chris was involved in a road traffic accident in 2009 which resulted in a severe traumatic brain injury and multiple orthopaedic injuries.
Christine had a stroke in May 2012, she was very unwell and spent time at The Walton Centre having her conditioned managed medically before she was returned to her local hospital for rehabilitation.
Latham had a stroke in 2012. He already had a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease but was managing well before his stroke and has only recently stopped working as a farmer, in fact he was still working on the farm at times right up until he had his stroke.
William came with his mum to see us when he was 1 year and 3 months old. He had been born prematurely and had been quite unwell after his birth.