Christine’s Story

Following a stroke, Christine was in a wheelchair when she first approached the Rehab Physio but after a series of physiotherapy sessions with us, she achieved her ultimate goal of going on Safari in Africa and can now walk independently.
“After being discharged by the NHS and being told that I’d spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair, I decided that I wasn’t ready to accept that prognosis. With the Rehab Physio’s help, I’ve been able to fulfil my love of travel!”

Christine’s Condition

Christine was seriously ill following a stroke and was admitted to The Walton Centre where her conditioned was managed medically before she was returned to her local hospital for rehabilitation.

She spent some time on a local stroke rehabilitation unit and then returned home, with community physiotherapy once every two weeks.

Christine contacted The Rehab Physio after she had been discharged from NHS rehabilitation services, as they believed she had reached her full potential and would not recover any further.

When she was first assessed at The Rehab Physio, Christine was using a wheelchair most of the time and was just about managing to walk to the front door in her own home with a quad stick but needed to sit down when she got there.

Her initial goal was to be able to walk independently, without a walking stick but ultimately, she wanted to be able to get in and out of a four-wheel drive vehicle so that she could go on safari in Africa.

Our Treatment

Christine had treatment sessions once or twice a week, both in clinic and at home, but was encouraged to do simple tasks at home on a daily basis to complement her physiotherapy sessions at The Rehab Physio.

With much dedication and determination, Christine began to walk further and soon achieved her goal of walking without a stick.  Nothing could stop her at that point and she was able to fulfill her ultimate aim and visit Africa with her daughter and even get herself in and out of a four-wheel drive car to go on safari.

Christine eventually became a community walker and was able to walk independently around shops. She continued to have intermittent therapy with us until she felt that she had fully achieved her recovery potential.

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