Patient Stories

The Rehab Physio has a strong track record of helping patients with a range of complex neurological conditions and catastrophic injuries to optimise their recovery potential... and in most cases to progress beyond their expectations.

Our patient stories provide an insight into the conditions that our patients approach us with, how are treatments are applied and the results that we have achieved by working together.

All of our treatments are tailored to the individual patient to allow us to maximise their effectiveness and provide the best possible outcomes.  No two cases are the same and we recognise that individuals may have the same condition but the affect will vary depending on a range of factors.  However one thing that they have in common is that they have all progressed beyond their original prognosis and have exceeded their own expectations.

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Terry’s Story

For sports enthusiast, Terry, a goals-based rehabilitation programme has made a huge impact on his recovery journey following a brain injury, and he’s been able to hit his targets of walking his daughter down the aisle, dancing at his 60th birthday party and returning to Liverpool FC’s home games…

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Olivia’s Story

14 year-old Olivia suffers from Cerebral Palsy, resulting from a traumatic birth but her weekly physio sessions at The Rehab Physio over the last 10 years have allowed her to maintain her muscle tone, posture and strength so that she can do normal everyday activities including following her passion for horse riding…

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Dominick’s Story

24 year old Dominick couldn’t move the right side of his body, walk or talk following a brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM) which resulted in a stroke…but following two programmes of intensive rehab, he’s now climbing mountains, visiting festivals and planning to walk the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu…

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Marellis’ Story

Marellis was 13 when he suffered paralysis and a cardiac arrest following a major spinal stroke. Funding from The Frenkel Topping Charitable Foundation and the Rooprai Spinal Trust enabled his family to access The Rehab Physio’s specialist intensive rehabilitation services to explore his full potential..

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Paul’s Story

Following a traumatic brain injury, Paul, a keen amateur athlete, has beaten all the odds and with the help of The Rehab Physio is now training for the IRONMAN World Championships in Hawaii next year.

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Steve’s Story

Steve was a full-time wheelchair user who was told he would never walk again after a spinal cord injury but following attendance at The Rehab Physio’s intensive rehabilitation program, he’s made great progress and for the first time, has been given hope for the future…

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