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By keeping pace with continuous advances in neurological physiotherapy, the team at The Rehab Physio offers access to specialist treatments which are not available on the NHS to help our patients to maximise their recovery...

Our team of specialists is able to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients who may have suffered years of disability as a result of a neurological condition or major traumatic injury.

As a private clinic, our independence means that we’re free to explore and invest in cutting edge equipment and techniques that are often not available within the NHS and other physiotherapy clinics.  This means that our patients can optimise their recovery and often exceed their original prognosis…and their own expectations.

Injury or illness affecting the central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord, can stop or limit communication between the brain and parts of the body. This may mean patients can suffer loss of movement and feeling, or uncoordinated movements, weakness, spasm and tremor.

We start by analysing your posture, muscle tone, movement control, co-ordination and interaction with your environment. From this analysis we can tailor a plan that helps you to put just the right demands on your body, so it can respond efficiently, and develop with practice.

Neurological physiotherapy acknowledges a simple fact: the human body is an amazing thing, with a fantastic ability to adapt to the demands we put upon it. With the right physiotherapy skills, experience, technology and techniques, we can help the body to find ways to help patients with a range of neurological conditions.

Neurological physiotherapy is all about using different methods to develop new communication pathways in the body, or to improve the existing connections that your brain is struggling to use. This is achieved through repetitive actions and exercises, to improve the delivery of the signals being sent to and from the brain to the affected area of the body. The treatment can help our patients improve such symptoms as loss of balance, loss of hand and arm, or leg and foot function, walking, spasticity and pain.

Our specialist neurological physiotherapy treatment programmes include:


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Foot drop physiotherapy

Neurological Conditions we treat

Our neurological physiotherapists are skilled in analysing posture, muscle tone, movement control, co-ordination and interaction with the environment. We can tailor a plan that helps you to apply the appropriate demands on your body, so it can respond efficiently and develop with practice. Check out some of the conditions that we treat...

Brain Injury

Spinal Cord Injury

Complex Polytrauma

Foot Drop

Cerebral Palsy

SDR Rehab

Other Neurological Conditions

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