Terry’s Story

For sports enthusiast, Terry, a goals-based rehabilitation programme has made a huge impact on his recovery journey following a brain injury, and he’s been able to hit his targets of walking his daughter down the aisle, dancing at his 60th birthday party and returning to Liverpool FC’s home games…


In August 2015, 53 year-old Terry was admitted to hospital for routine surgery on polyps which resulted in complications and culminated in a blood clot on his frontal lobe. After a further 25 surgeries and numerous hospital stays, he was finally discharged in November 2018 with both physical and mental disabilities including problems with his balance, vision and mobility, muscle stiffness, general fatigue and epilepsy. Terry was also left with short term memory problems and mood swings.

After discharge from hospital, Terry received 8 weeks of physiotherapy, but the family subsequently discovered that support for brain injury patients was very limited. They started to explore private physio facilities and were introduced to The Rehab Physio by the case management firm that was handling their medical negligence case.

The Treatment

Terry started on one day a week of specialist neurological physio and progressed to two days a week once he was strong enough, working with one or two members of the team, depending on the treatment being provided.

The initial focus was on gait training to improve Terry’s walking, so he was introduced to the treadmill, suspended by a harness for safety. Treatment also included strength and stamina training to allow Terry to get on and off a chair to help to restore his independence. He also used a balance board and virtual games to keep him motivated while improving his balance.

Terry is a huge sport enthusiast so the team recognised that a goals-based treatment programme would be effective, incorporating activities such as hitting a ball with a racket, kicking a ball and swinging a golf club.

By complementing his treatment at the clinic with activities with his support worker, including visits to the local driving range, bowling alley and walks with his dog, Terry has been able to continue to improve his strength, balance and motivation.

Where is he now?

Terry is a life-long Liverpool FC fan and season ticket holder so one of his main goals was to be able to attend their home games again and sit back in his allocated seat rather than sit in a wheelchair.

His ultimate goal was to be able to walk his daughter, Danielle, down the aisle at her wedding so The Rehab Physio team practiced, playing the actual music so that Terry could perfect the timing of his steps.

Terry’s wife, Debbie comments: “We don’t know what we would have done without Terry’s sessions at The Rehab Physio. It was all about tiny steps to begin with but when we look back now, it’s amazing to see what Terry has achieved and what he’s capable of doing now.

I think that goal-based training has been the key to Terry’s progress during his rehabilitation journey, and the team’s ability to adapt his treatment programme to incorporate a sports theme to boost his motivation and drive to succeed.

I never thought we’d even be able to consider holidays abroad, but we’ve been to Portugal and Cape Verde. His treatment at The Rehab Physio has literally been life-changing!”

Founder of The Rehab Physio, Chris comments: “It’s been fantastic working and getting to know Terry. It has been essential to not only treat his physical difficulties but to build his trust, confidence and enjoyment of physiotherapy. Linking his rehab to the things he finds most meaningful in his day-to-day life has enabled Terry to really kick-on and progress. There is nothing better than seeing Terry hitting all his targets and fulfilling his life goals.”

Terry is now a grandad and loves to be able to get down on the floor and play with his two grandchildren for short periods of time.


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