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Rehabilitation Technology

Innovative technology to maximise recovery

The Rehab Physio is first and foremost a specialist centre – our team are all experienced experts in helping people maximise their rehabilitation from neurological conditions. To support their skills, the technology we use is amongst the most advanced in the world today.

Our array of rehab technology is unrivalled in the north west, to give our patients the maximum benefit from individual sessions. It’s also true that we can achieve better results than physios working with older techniques and more basic equipment.

Patients gain more intensive and independent practice through our enabling technology. And for some, recovery can continue further by using our equipment as an affordable gym after their treatment has been completed – our experts will advise on the suitability of this for individual cases.

Another great advantage of cutting-edge technology is the measurability of progress it allows. Close monitoring and reporting show detailed changes in things like movement, tone and walking, allowing us to fine-tune treatments and to encourage patients by showing the progress they’re making.

Worldwide, new developments and advances in physio technology are made almost every day. We remain committed to investing in the best of them to give our patients optimised recovery potential.

Our equipment currently includes the following:

  • Tyrostation
  • Gaitsense technology
  • LiteGait weightlessness platform
  • Innowalk
  • RehaMove2 FES Cycle
  • Multiple Footdrop stimulators
  • EasyStand frame/crosstrainer
  • Saebo upper limb station

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I was in a car accident in 2009 and suffered a brain injury and multiple broken bones in my body. I started working The Rehab Physio in 2016. I now practice walking with the help of a walking frame and a physio. I am now hopeful that I can start stepping at home, whereas previously I had been told I would never stand and step again.

Christopher Fox