Conditions We Treat

We have developed an in-depth knowledge and experience of treating some of the most challenging neurological conditions...

The Rehab Physio offers specialist physiotherapy for neurological conditions and loss of function following catastrophic injuries.

The treatment that we provide has been designed to focus on helping our patients to reach their recovery potential.  The conditions we treat can often mean sufferers and those close to them feel helpless. So while our primary focus is on treating the condition itself, the effect of alleviating difficulties can also mean a transformation in how patients feel about their life and future.

At The Rehab Physio everyone on the team is passionate about helping patients recover and rehabilitate, and we each bring an optimistic approach to our work. Just as importantly, with us you’re in a place where every therapy can be considered, including some of the latest developments from around the world. Many of our treatments are not available through the NHS, and clients moving on to us often find that we can harness previously hidden rehabilitation potential within their body.



Spinal Cord Injury

Brain Injury

Complex Polytrauma

Foot Drop

Cerebral Palsy

SDR Rehab

Other Neurological Conditions