Residential Treatment

Neurological physio is at its most effective when used intensively – what’s sometimes called the ’24 hour approach’. The brain and nervous system are highly adaptable, and will respond to the demands placed upon them, but the essential thing is to ensure the correct demands are applied regularly, according to a daily and weekly plan of therapeutic exercise, devised by a physiotherapist.

These exercises can be quite complex and tricky to remember, and for some there’s always the possibility of a fall when doing balance exercises at home and unsupervised. For a lot of people it makes sense to opt for an intensive daily therapy programme to get the best results. It’s sometimes the case that more improvements can be made by having daily treatments for 3 weeks, compared to a once-weekly session plus self-practice over 3 months. This is because self-practice may not make the changes in demand that the central nervous system needs.

We take great care to assess each case in detail, and we will only recommend intensive therapy when it’s clearly the best treatment option to deliver the best results.

Why not treat yourself to a Therapy holiday!?

The Rehab Physio uses many sophisticated devices and advanced equipment not usually found in local physiotherapy clinics. This means that many of our patients travel considerable distances to access our services, and often need a place to stay while receiving therapies. To help make this more affordable, we have arranged discounted prices for our patients with a hotel and self-catering accommodation nearby our clinic.

Many people choose these packages as a kind of ‘physiotherapy holiday’, so they can spend an extended period totally focused on their rehabilitation, during an intensive physiotherapy program.