Lower Limb Rehabilitation

The Rehab Physio's robotic equipment for lower limb rehabilitation combine classic physiotherapy techniques with the latest technology to deliver the intensive level of treatment that patients with neurological conditions or those who have sustained catastrophic injuries need to meet their full rehabilitation potential.

LEXO® (Gait Trainer)

LEXO® is a game-changer for lower limb intensive rehabilitation, allowing free joint movement and encouraging the patient to exercise independently. Read our blog to find out more:

Omego Plus® (Gait trainer)

OMEGO® Plus supports the patient from early rehabilitation in an effortless, isolated and focused manner. Combined with sophisticated software, it helps the patient to improve motor, sensory and cognitive function in a motivational and fun way...

pablo® (Lower Limb)

This gait analysis and training system for stability and coordination measures the patient's progress and the effectiveness of their treatment, providing detailed feedback so that treatment can be adapted accordingly...


Small but powerful, TYMO® helps our patients to improve their stability and coordination and is a versatile measurement and therapy system for the whole body...