Spotlight on…..Zoë Gerrard, Neurological Physiotherapist

Here at The Rehab Physio we’ve got a passionate team of physiotherapists who are committed to applying their skills and experience to combat the effects of neurological conditions, and ultimately improve our patients’ lives.

We thought it would be good to introduce them and give you a sneak peek into what they love about their jobs, how they got into their profession and what they get up to in their spare time.

We’re starting with our Neurological Phsyiotherapist, Zoë who some of you will already have had the pleasure to meet…

“There’s a really unique feel at The Rehab Physio, and I think our patients feed off this tooWe’re a proper ‘team’ in the true sense of the word and patients have commented on how the positivity around the clinic has made a huge impact on their own rehabilitation journey.

There’s far more opportunities for physiotherapists here too, as Chris and Jen really encourage us to get involved in the development of the business and ever changing evidenceI certainly don’t need much persuasion to attend any networking event which involves a round of golfI definitely need the practice!

Also, because of the amount of time that we spend with patients attending our 80 intensive programme, we not only have the opportunity to really get to know them but also work closely with other team members on different elements of the patients’ rehab journey.  Most of all, we’ve got all the resources at our disposal to make a real impact on our patients’ recovery, and ultimately their quality of life.” 


Zoë’s Story

Zoë has been involved in sport from an early age, enjoying netball, horse riding, golf and fishing in and around Frodsham in Cheshire where she grew up.  She’s always had a keen interest in the body and its ability to recover following sports injuries.

Whilst studying for a Masters in Physiotherapy, she had the opportunity to provide sick leave cover at The Rehab Physio for two months and then left to complete her placement on the Gold Coast in Australia. After six weeks she returned to The Rehab Physio as a Rehab Practioner and has recently qualified to now work as a Neurological Physiotherapist.

In her short time with The Rehab Physio, she has worked with a range of patients with various conditions including spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, stroke and cerebral palsy, both mild and severe.  In the future she would like to expand her knowledge to understand more about spinal cord injuries in horse riders and possibly study for a veterinary masters in horse and rider physiotherapy.

When she’s not working, Zoë enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with Springer Spaniels, Herbert and Archie and Border Terrier, Frederick.  When she wants to relax, Zoë can often be found in her waders pursuing her passion for fishing. She can leave Frodsham (contrary to belief) and often travels on holidays far and wide exploring the world.