Spotlight on……Josh Leadbitter, Physiotherapy Assistant

This month we’re throwing the spotlight on our Physiotherapy Assistant, Josh to find out what he loves about his job, how he got into the profession and what he gets up to in his spare time.

“Everyone who works at The Rehab Physio is highly invested in our patient’s rehabilitation and we set out to create a friendly and motivational environment to encourage them to give everything they can. Each day is different in our technical centre so some days patients may arrive to the sound of us singing along to karaoke, dancing to YMCA or playing Connect 4 for the clinic championship.

Because of the amount of time that patients attend our intensive course, we have the opportunity to really get to know them and we often stay in touch after they have finished the programme to find out how they are getting on and what plans they have lined up for the future.

Working at The Rehab Physio has had a huge impact on my life. Fellow Physiotherapy Assistant, Liam and I have become great friends, in and out of work and I’m sure this contributes to the positive environment that our patients experience when they visit.”

Josh’s Story

Josh joined The Rehab Physio on an apprenticeship scheme during the Covid pandemic. He had been teaching PE for his local high school and coaching academy football while in college when he developed a keen interest in sport and physiotherapy.

He is currently on the last leg of his 1-year Senior Healthcare Assistant qualification and hoping to progress into further education, with an apprenticeship programme at Salford University next year.

Josh’s working day consists of treating a variety of neurological conditions, combining The Rehab Physio’s robotics and VR equipment with traditional physiotherapy treatment techniques.

Josh is keen to boost awareness about the effectiveness of intensive rehab in complex neurological conditions and injuries and would like to play an integral role in increasing its adoption in the future.

One of Josh’s passions in and out of work is football where he plays regularly and is a long-suffering Everton fan.