Spotlight on….Jeni, our Senior Administrator

When our patients and partners think of The Rehab Physio, our physiotherapists may be the first people to spring to mind, but supporting them in everything they do is a couple of team members who are absolutely vital, not only in ensuring that our day-to-day operations run smoothly but also throughout our patients rehabilitation journey.

Most of our visitors will have already met Jeni, our Senior Administrator but may be unaware of how she was introduced to The Rehab Physio and the essential role that she now plays in the team…

Jeni’s Story

Jeni was introduced to The Rehab Physio when her daughter, Olivia who has Cerebral Palsy started attending physio at the age of four to help to build her strength.

Her background was in finance, and she had worked in banking for 12 years but made the decision to leave the bank to become a full time carer for Olivia. While looking after Olivia, Jeni was fortunate to be able to work full time from home for her husband, Barry who owned a roofing business, but ideally, she was looking for a change of career which would allow her to be independent but also challenge her more mentally.

Once Olivia was settled in school, Jeni started to contemplate returning to work and mentioned it to Jen, one of the founders of The Rehab Physio while she was visiting the clinic with Olivia. Jen had obviously got to know Jeni well during her weekly visits to the clinic over the last 12 years, so she didn’t hesitate to offer Jeni a job.

Jeni’s Role

This month Jeni will have been working as a Senior Administrator at The Rehab Physio for two years and has become an invaluable member of the team. Her role has evolved recently and with her background in the commercial world, she’s keen to get involved in the more operational aspects of the business, helping to implement new policies and processes for expenses, HR etc. However, she still enjoys the more front of house duties and shares reception duties with her colleague, Kate.

“Listening to our patients, their stories and experiences makes The Rehab Physio a very special place to be. My job is so varied too so there’s always something new to keep me motivated and engaged. In banking there were always things that I couldn’t change but at The Rehab Physio I really feel that I can make a difference.”

When she’s not at work…

In her spare time Jeni loves to to to the gym where she enjoys weight training and is a keen runner. Olivia is interested in photography so Jeni is hoping that it may be develop into a hobby that they’ll be able to share and spend more time together in the great outdoors.

A word from our Founder, Jen…

“Jeni’s life experience with her daughter, Liv, means that she has real empathy with our patients, and combined with her tremendous commercial skill-set and abundant enthusiasm, she has quickly become an essential member of our team. “