Tyromotion is a world-leading company which provides robotic-assisted and computer-aided therapy technology. At The Rehab Physio we use their PABLO system which can be applied for assessment and rehabilitation in several different ways for different parts of the body.

How Tyromotion PABLO works

Our PABLO equipment works to ‘train’ muscles and movements such as in the hand or arm and at the same time assesses how the patient’s muscles and joints are performing. It means our physiotherapists know instantly how the affected area is responding during the treatment session in detail, and at the same time the individual can see how their treatment is progressing.

Personalised treatment that’s also fun to do

The way PABLO technology instantly feeds back information to a computer allows our physiotherapists to fine-tune the treatment to suit each individual, helping to create a programme with maximum effectiveness for that particular person and their condition.

For children and adults, the fact that PABLO sessions are presented as ‘games’ also helps make the treatment fun, motivational and goal-directed. It’s almost always much more effective than ‘old-school’ physiotherapy practices involving inanimate objects that lack meaning to the individual.

TYMO therapy

Our TYMO therapy board is another way that The Rehab Physio can apply the latest technology to design a very personalised treatment programme for each individual.

The TYMO unit can be used to help improve balance and control of posture – it tells the physiotherapist precisely how a person is spreading their weight and how much force they can achieve. This information is crucial in identifying precisely the actions required to help each patient adjust and develop better balance and posture.

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