Introducing Our Revolutionary Robots – Meet Lexo For Lower Limb Rehabilitation!

This month we introduce Lexo, one of our family of robots and a game-changer in robotic lower limb (or gait) rehabilitation, enabling the team at The Rehab Physio to deliver physiotherapy more intensively to help our patients to maximise their recovery potential and improve their quality of life.
So what is gait rehabilitation?

The term ‘gait’ describes how a person walks – not just how their legs move, but their whole body posture, balance and movement. Gait rehabilitation is all about improving the patient’s ability to stand and walk by:

  • strengthening muscles and joints
  • improving balance and posture
  • building endurance
  • developing muscle memory
  • retraining your legs for repetitive motion
How does Lexo help?

For patients with neurological conditions or injuries, the latest research tells us that the best way to get results from physiotherapy is through intensive treatment (ie. at least 80 hours!). This is difficult to achieve with conventional one-on-one physiotherapy techniques but by using robotics, like Lexo, we can increase both the volume of practice and quality of therapy. By adopting an intensive approach, patients can expect to experience more progress in a shorter space of time and are therefore more motivated to continue with treatment programmes.

The reason why Lexo is a game changer is because it allows free joint movement, meaning that the patient can be active without the physical involvement of a physiotherapist (once the initial setup is completed). For example, we may introduce a patient to Lexo following a spinal cord injury or stroke, when they need to regain coordinated walking movement in a safe environment, without the risk of falling over or over-stressing joints and muscles.

With Lexo, the patient is supported by a harness at all times during treatment, so they can achieve a good combination of weight distribution, posture and balance. For patients who are able to partially weight bear, Lexo makes them feel lighter so that they are often able to walk for the first time.

The setup for Lexo is easy and fast, meaning that we can make more effective use of the patients’ therapy time and the treatment programme can be adapted to the patient’s unique needs.

By delivering intensive physio techniques using Lexo, we are able to get the nervous system to remember the rhythm and routine of walking, assisting and accelerating in neurological recovery and allowing the patient to achieve an improved level of independence.

To find out more about Lexo and our Intensive Rehabilitation Technology, email us or call us on 0151 665 0266.