LiteGait Training

The term ‘gait’ describes how a person walks – not just how their legs move, but their whole body posture, balance and movement.

We use LiteGait technology to help people achieve a good combination of weight distribution, posture and balance – it can either be used on a treadmill or over the floor.

LiteGait is an excellent way to gain co-ordinated walking movement in a safe way, without the risk of falling or over-stressing joints and muscles, because the person is supported at all times by a harness during treatment.

LiteGait can be used as a partial weight-bearing device so that people can feel lighter, which enables them to walk when they may have previously been unable to. In this way we can get the nervous system to remember the rhythm and routine of walking, assisting in neurological recovery.


GaitSens technology is used by us to assess and understand precisely how a person’s body is moving when they walk. Used with a special treadmill, It lets the physiotherapist know instantly in real time all kinds of data relating to factors such as weight distribution, balance and posture. GaitSens’ detailed information helps us to precisely create the ideal exercise programme for every individual. In therapy mode, it can give external cues to the user and help them improve the efficiency of their walking by achieving targets such as step length or time spent on either leg.

GaitSens’ is a fantastic tool in completing therapy reports and letting individuals know which aspects of their walking are improving and which need further work.