What’s So Special About Our Rehabilitation Technology Centre…

The Rehab Physio’s 3,500 sq ft purpose-built neurological physiotherapy facility was officially opened in October 2021, boasting state-of-the-art technology, including robotics and virtual reality from across Europe to enable us to deliver intensive rehabilitation treatment programmes on a new level.

We know from research findings that intensive treatment, ie. thousands of repetitions per hour over hundreds of hours is the key to a successful outcome for patients recovering from neurological conditions and catastrophic injuries. Traditionally this was not possible due to a combination of a shortage of resources and the practical implications of achieving thousands of repetitions without the help of technology.

The use of robotics and virtual reality means that we can allow our patients to:

  • Increase the volume of practice
  • Increase quality of therapy
  • Provide better treatment outcomes
  • Achieve more sustainable improvements


The Rehab Physio’s £400k investment forms part of our strategy to become a regional and national centre for intensive outpatient rehabilitation for anyone with neurological and complex needs, in an appropriate form, regardless of budget.

Typically, patients’ budget constraints prevent them from accessing specialist services and equipment to allow them to continue their rehab independently following discharge from hospital. The Rehab Physio’s flexible, tiered approach, which we call ‘The Complete Solution’, comprises the technology centre, specialist neurological physio and a specialist rehab gym, aiming to plug a gap in conventional physiotherapy treatment.  Patients can access individual components  of the solution or combine a number of components  into a programme of rehabilitation which will work for them, depending on their condition and stage in their recovery journey.

Find out more about Our Approach and how it has changed lives by visiting our Patient Stories page, or just contact us on 0151 665 0266 to find out more…