Collaborative Approach Provides Access to Life-Changing Rehab Programme

The latest two patients to enrol on The Rehab Physio’s intensive neurological rehabilitation programme are benefiting from a collaboration with the professional services and charity sectors, aimed at creating opportunities for people who don’t have the financial support to explore their true rehabilitation potential.

Alex is a 14-year-old who has been enrolled on The Rehab Physio’s intensive rehab program following a spinal cord injury. She is currently able to stand and weight bare but with The Rehab Physio’s specialist technology and expertise, she will be focusing on improving her lower limb function and mobility.

John, a married man in his 40s with two children, has also sustained a spinal cord injury. He has already had a month of rehab physio but is aiming to build on his ability to weight bear and improve his lower limb function, balance and core control.

Both patients will be receiving 80 hours of intensive physiotherapy at The Rehab Physio’s specialist technology centre, which utilises robotics and virtual reality to optimise rehabilitation for people suffering from life-changing injuries and complex neurological conditions.

The latest research in rehabilitation indicates that at least 80 hours of intensive rehabilitation provides the best outcomes. With conventional physiotherapy this level of treatment has not been possible due to a combination of a shortage of resources and the practical implications of achieving thousands of repetitions without the help of technology.

Alex and John will attend the centre for a month, during which they will receive four hours of intensive physio per day over a five-day period. Experience shows us that when treatment is this frequent and often, physiological changes are more likely to happen, and rehabilitation potential is optimised.

Access to the intensive neurological physiotherapy programme for both patients has been enabled by an innovative partnership between The Rehab Physio, The Rooprai Spinal Trust, the Frenkel Topping Charitable Foundation and Fletchers Foundation.

The Rooprai Spinal Trust (RST) was established in 2005, inspired by Marrianne Rooprai who was paralysed from the shoulders down in the Summer of 2004. Since its inception the multi-award- winning charity has been helping individuals in the UK, paralysed by spinal cord injury to access life changing physiotherapy. The Rehab Physio has been working with RST since 2022 and together they have delivered life changing treatment to 10 patients.

The Rehab Physio started working with The Frenkel Topping Charitable Foundation earlier this year and they’ve since supported access to the clinic’s technology and services for numerous patients, both adults and children, who have suffered debilitating spinal cord and brain injuries, but were unable to access funding.

The Charitable Foundation was created by Frenkel Topping Group in 2015 to support people after injury in their mental and physical health and wellbeing, empowering individuals to live the most fulfilling lives possible after life-changing events. The Frenkel Topping Foundation prides itself on its ability to connect professionals, charities and firms working in the personal injury space with individuals who need specialist help and its work has supported hundreds of individuals in rebuilding their lives.

Fletchers Group is one of the UK’s most trusted and respected law firms in the UK. The company set up its own charity, Fletchers Foundation in January this year and it’s already making an impact on people’s lives.

Founder of The Rehab Physio, Chris Wynne comments: “Both Alex and John would not have been able to access our intensive rehabilitation programme without the support of this partnership. We believe in giving people with life-changing injuries the opportunity to achieve the best results possible and with the support of these three fantastic organisations, we can make sure that this happens.”

Founder of The Rooprai Spinal Trust, Andy Uttridge comments: “Giving opportunities to access specialist physiotherapy is our goal and teaming up with our friends at the Fletchers Foundation and the Frenkel Topping Charitable Foundation means we can help more people. By working together we’re able to deliver a stronger proposition to patients who need our support. We’ve got big plans for the future!”

Following completion of the intensive physio programme, both patients will continue to be supported by the partnership, with access to ongoing sessions in The Rehab Physio’s specialist gym and advice on exercises that they can do at home.

We’ll be watching Alex and John’s progress over the next few months and look forward to providing regular updates…

For more information on our intensive rehabilitation programme and partnership opportunities, visit our website.