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Specialist hand & arm (upper limb) service

It’s usually the case that hospital physiotherapy focuses on mobility and getting you home safely. This is clearly valuable as initial care, but people with conditions affecting their upper limbs - such as loss of tone or spasticity – often don’t get enough rehabilitation to reach their goals of recovery.

Humans naturally place more demand through their lower limbs on a daily basis. So legs and feet generally show a quicker recovery, but arms and hands need a lot more focus and intensity of training.

Research shows that lots of repetition of tasks is required to reach the best outcomes of treatment. This is not easily done for people with movement impairments following a neurological illness or injury.

The Rehab Physio runs bespoke upper limb rehabilitation programmes, combining therapeutic handling, technology and specialist skills to facilitate and free-up movement, with plenty of repetition of functional task for best results.

We regularly run upper limb circuits and classes which help patients to support one another during their recovery, using multiple therapeutic devices in one session.

To find out more, please book an assessment session so we can see if this kind of therapy is suitable for you, and to check availability in forthcoming upper limb services.