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Neurological Physiotherapy

The underlying principle of Neurological Physiotherapy is that the human body is an amazing thing. It adapts to the demands we put on it.

It’s often the case that following illness or injury we change the way we hold ourselves in response to things like pain, reduced muscle power or impaired balance. It’s a natural reaction, but it can cause problems – without expert guidance the body’s adaptive instinct to change posture can actually make matters worse.

Our neurological physiotherapists will look closely at your movement control, muscle tone, the positions you hold your body in, your co-ordination and how you interact with your surroundings. This assessment forms the basis for the treatment plan, all with the aim of helping you put the most appropriate demands on your body, so it responds more efficiently and develops with practice.

Our Assessment

We start with an initial assessment. We’ll ask about the detailed history of your symptoms and find out which is the most important for you to change. We’ll also need to understand your relevant medical history and any related medications you’re taking, to allow us to plan-in any necessary precautions.

Next comes the physical assessment - this will be conducted on a plinth, a bed or the floor, depending on your physical ability. We will carefully look at things like your posture, movement of your limbs, your stability, co-ordination and balance, sensation and your ability to carry out typical daily activities. All this is supported by digital data collected by using our ‘Tyrostation’ and ‘GaitSens’ technology. From our own specialist experience, knowledge and this detailed data, we will create your rehabilitation plan.

Throughout, we’ll always give you the complete picture in clear, non-technical language. We believe that giving you a full and honest assessment is key for you to make good decisions about any future treatments, how often you’ll need to be seen, and what you can start doing to move forwards.

We will use a combination of hands-on therapy, specialist technology, specific exercises and functional practice. If we feel they could be beneficial, we’ll also assess you for other treatments such as hydrotherapy, Botox’ injections and splinting. From your assessment, we may recommend other services such as Occupational Therapy for consideration.

In every case, we’ll set a time frame for achieving your rehabilitation goals, and we’ll carefully measure your progress, so you’re always clear about what stage you’re at, and what you are aiming for.