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Hydrotherapy – safe and supportive therapies in water

Hydrotherapy is a treatment that helps people improve movement and function with the support of being in water.

The Rehab Physio – Hydrotherapy

My husband used to be active, despite losing a leg when he was young. He had struggled in recent years due to suffering a stroke, combined with breathlessness caused by bronchiectasis. He has found it so liberating being able to move around more freely and with more confidence and stamina following his hydrotherapy sessions.

Mrs B.

It’s a water based therapy that can only be carried out by suitably qualified physiotherapists. All the team at The Rehab Physio are trained by ATACP (Aquatic Therapy Association of Chartered Physiotherapists). They’re fully qualified and experienced, delivering highly skilled and experienced treatment in purpose-built hydrotherapy facilities for those with neurological conditions and polytrauma.

Water-based activity is a great way to support the body and reduce the stresses on its structures, and the gentle resistance of moving in water also adds to the strengthening of muscles and joints.

What’s involved in hydrotherapy?

The hydrotherapy pool is warm and shallow, so there’s no need to be a swimmer. Depending on the condition being treated, the session may consist of movement, stretching and strengthening exercises. It might also include the use of flotation devices in some cases if these help to maximise movement.

We also have bed and chair hoists available, so those with impaired mobility can benefit from hydrotherapy.

The pools we use are suitable for children, and many find hydrotherapy a fun and exciting way to be treated for enhanced function.

It’s the nature of water to provide buoyancy and turbulence, and we use these properties to both free-up and resist movement. Often people who rely on straps and specialist seating for stability in their daily lives find this treatment the only way to help them move, exercise and challenge their balance safely.

What are the benefits of hydrotherapy?

  • Suitable for all ages and abilities
  • Gently supportive of the body, joints and muscles
  • Rehabilitation may start earlier, as water relieves weight-bearing loads
  • The warm water (around 35°C) can reduce pain and spasticity as well as help healing
  • People can attempt more difficult activity as there’s no fear of falling
  • Can improve strength, balance, co-ordination, movement and self-confidence