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Complex polytrauma/catastrophic injury

The Rehab Physio offers rehabilitation for individuals following complex injuries and polytrauma. Polytrauma usually refers to severely injured patients with two or more significant traumatic injuries. A common example would be someone who has multiple fractures due to a car or work place accident.

Neurological injury is often linked with polytrauma. Aside from musculoskeletal injury, traumatic brain injury (TBI) is generally seen as the most common constituent of polytrauma.

We help many patients after their operations – people who find their mobility and movement failing after complex or unsuccessful surgical treatment. In some cases, we’re dealing with individuals whose post-operative care and rehab has been lacking to some degree. They often come to us with movement issues, weakened muscles, and problems just performing those everyday ordinary tasks.

The Rehab Physio’s specialists are adept at using their skills and experience to analyse movement to create tailored programmes of treatment. We will typically combine elements such as exercise, strength and conditioning and hands-on therapy to help get patients moving and mobile again.

It’s an approach that regularly helps patients with complex polytrauma to benefit from our intensive treatment programs.