Wife of BBC stroke victim praises neuro physio

Writing on her blog for the Guardian website, the wife of BBC journalist Andrew Marr has stressed the benefits of neurological physiotherapy. Jackie Ashley also claimed that post-hospital care and access to such services needs to be improved.

However, Ashley was full of praise for the care her husband received from the NHS, saying:

“[the NHS has been] wonderful, wonderful, wonderful”.

However, the level of community care dropped from daily sessions, according to the columnist, to weekly appointments when Marr was discharged from hospital.

Marr is recovering well though.

Having spent more than two months in hospital following his stroke, which he puts down to over work and over exercising, he continues to have specialist physiotherapy to help him walk.

The improvements have been such that Marr will continue presenting his titular Sunday morning BBC One television programme in a few weeks. He will also return to his radio work later in the year.

There is still a long way to go, however.

Marr admits that the stroke has left him with memory loss and problems with his voice. Giving an interview to his own programme, the journalist said:

“I’m frankly lucky to be alive.”

Ashley continued to stress the importance of access to after hospital care being improved. Going on to say how she had been contacted by many other stroke victims and their families and carers, she said the level of difference was staggering.

Private physios are working to plug the gap in many areas, providing vital assistance to those requiring greater levels of care to recover.

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