There’s a lot Marr to come: BBC journo applauds rehab physio

Being such a keen keep-fit kind of guy, the news that BBC journalist Andrew Marr had suffered a stroke several months ago shocked many people. However, thanks to a course of neurological physiotherapy, Marr is well on his way back.

It was while exercising in his private garden shed gym that Marr, celebrating completing a five-kilometre row in just 20 minutes, tore his carotid artery and suffered a major stroke.

Despite being told to call a doctor by his wife, Marr did not actually realise what had happened until the following morning. Speaking in late June, the broadcaster said:

ā€œ…I looked in the mirror and saw the reflection of a slightly hostile, strange man with a downwards droop of his mouth. That was the moment when I realised Iā€™d had a stroke.ā€

He was rushed to hospital where, despite treatment being administered right away, he nearly died on the table on two occasions.

It was also found that, while the latest incident was clearly the largest, it was far from the first.

After a long road to recovery, Marr is now getting better and still attending regular physio sessions. The majority of the rehab has focused on the left side of his body, which was particularly badly affected by the stroke.

Things are getting better though, and Marr feels it will not be too long before he arrives back on our television screens.

When that happens, much of the thanks will need to go to his rehab team, and his wife who has barely left his side since the incident.

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