Dancer gets back to top of ballet pyramid thanks to neuro physio

A promising young ballet dancer wowed the crowds at the Glastonbury Festival this weekend, despite an assault nearly two years ago which could have left him paralysed.

Jack Widdowson, 20, was viciously assaulted on a Cardiff canal towpath in 2011. The attack left Jack with a broken neck.

Left practically unable to walk up a flight of stairs after spending weeks in a hospital bed, his chances of a full recovery were not looking good.

However, thanks to his dedication to his dancing, the way he approached his neurological physiotherapy and the support of the staff at the rehab centre, Jack was leaping through the air and pirouetting after just three months.

A spokesman for the physio centre said:

“…[Jack] never doubted he would dance again. He just looked forward.

“He even taught us some dance moves although we would never be able to do them. They were amazing.”

The spokesman also said that Jack, who is at the world renowned Bern Ballet Company in Switzerland, never spoke of the attack, focusing on his rehabilitation only.

In order to tailor the treatment to Jack’s exacting needs, the team at the centre were shown videos of his ballet dancing. A program was designed which would allow him to jump high and complete complex physical movements.

The neuro work focused on improving co-ordination and balance. It also worked to strengthen his core.

The assailant who left Jack fighting for his professional career was jailed for 13 years at the end of June 2013.

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