Bus accident victim makes amazing recovery

A woman told she was unlikely to recover after being hit by a bus has made a stunning recovery, thanks to her commitment to getting better and the work of specialist physios.

Jaxx Cave suffered major brain injuries after being hit by a bus when crossing a road in south London over three years ago. Following many months in hospital, and undergoing extensive rehab, she is now able to live at home.

Having suffered a shattered skull, and being unable to feed herself, it is something which seemed unlikely in May 2010.

However, there was a key point in Ms. Cave’s recovery, as she explains she was urged forward one day on the ward:

“I wasn’t interested in rehabilitation initially, as I thought there was no hope, but when the nurses came to measure me for a wheelchair, something twigged and I was determined to get better

She went on to explain that it was not an easy road, with the support of the staff at the rehab physio centre giving her the strength she needed to continue.

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy will always be a constant in Ms. Cave’s life but, without the neuro work taking place, she would be in a far worse place.

While not able to return to full-time work either, there has been even more amazing news for the 41-year-old former young persons’ drug and alcohol worker.

Now volunteering to help others with their rehabilitation, she is eager to still contribute to society in a meaningful way.

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