Bus accident victim makes amazing recovery

A woman told she was unlikely to recover after being hit by a bus has made a stunning recovery, thanks to her commitment to getting better and the work of specialist physios.

Jaxx Cave suffered major brain injuries after being hit by more

Firefighter vows to give red card to paralysis with neuro physio

A firefighter, left paralysed in only a few hours due to a rare condition, is vowing that his willpower and neurological physio will get him back on his feet.

Chris Wardman, from East Yorkshire, was refereeing a football game when more

Wife of BBC stroke victim praises neuro physio

Writing on her blog for the Guardian website, the wife of BBC journalist Andrew Marr has stressed the benefits of neurological physiotherapy. Jackie Ashley also claimed that post-hospital care and access to such services needs more

Advice on recovering from a head injury

Injuries resulting from physical trauma to the head can be minor or severe. In the case of minor injuries, those affected may recover quickly without medical care, but severe injuries require attention from trained professionals. A minor bump to the more

How children can benefit from neurological therapy

As well as being useful for adults, neurological therapy, or neurological physiotherapy treatments, can be used successfully for children. In young people, the types of neurological impairments that can benefit from more

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